Mental Health


Remove Stigma | Dissolve the Lexicon | Evolve the Treament

We believe that mental illness should be aggressively de-stigmatized and -- more importantly -- completely redefined.

A diagnosis is not helpful if it becomes an identity. A prescription is not helpful if creates addiction and inhibits growth. A solution that dis-empowers an individual is not a solution.

Although the issues around mental health are varied and complex, we believe that the 'experts' driving the conversation are forcing us to have the wrong conversation.

We want to help transform the conversation from one defined by labels and limited thinking, to one that incorporates real science with a nuanced understanding of how individuals develop, grow, falter, and thrive. Topics that excite us range from trauma theories and family systems to spiritual emergence and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Diagnostic manuals have their place, but we're more interested in seeing sick people get well and well people grow and thrive.