Founded by one, supported by many.

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Hello, stranger.

I am Douglas, an impatient visionary, a Helper, a bridge-builder, and a boundary-smasher.

I am building Proliminal out of Love from within the coziest corner of my own liminal season.

Proliminal is my new experiement, born out of passion to do good, drive change, and use the best of my skills to amplify the superpowers of others who are spending their passions in resonant directions.

My existence on social media (and the web in general) is limited by design. I am delighted to not use Facebook. If you want to connect then say the word! I'll prove that I'm human and do indeed have a face via an introductory call or video chat.

In this hyper-connected world it is ironically rare to find persons who are Persons. If you'd like to be persons with me, then I welcome you into my orbit. Send me a hello.


Warmth and respect,



Are you a storyteller at heart with killer skills in digitalmarketingland? Let's be friends! Proliminal may need your Magic.

We are small now but our plans for growth are immense. We'll need more kindred folk with talents that span the spectrum: administrative, creative, strategic, social, blah blah blah.

Let's explore how you could be part of Proliminal.

Say hello.