Passion is rare and should be spent wisely. This is what drives us.

We are PROliminal

We created proliminal as a safe space for individuals and organizations driving change from "the inbetween" to get the level of creative and strategic business support usually reserved for the corporate capitalist mainstream.



When your vision is broad, but not anchored in the need to accumulate wealth, it can be hard to get the support you need. The system simply isn't set up that way.

As a result, corporations selling unimportant things can spend a fortune manufacturing demand in the hearts and minds of the public. Systems that oppress can grow and thrive, while systems that empower and release are stymied and shuttered.

Additionally, when social norms, legal barriers, political or religious dogma, or other forces lag behind the future you're trying to build, there are unique challenges to navigate.

We are focused on supporting and amplifying the leaders, healers, visionaries, and scientists who are fighting for justice and equity in ways that spill beyond the mainstream. In some cases, the broader society is slowly opening up to their vision. In other cases, society may be blind to the possibilities, or even openly hostile.

Our intention is to steal from the best practices of business strategy, digital marketing, and strategic communications and spend them toward deeper, bolder Good.



Proliminal is very much an experiment. At times, the people we most want to help are those who are least able to afford it. The talent required to scale a business like this is often taken by the allure of career ladders and accumulating wealth.

However, we believe that by sending our deepest intentions for Proliminal out into the universe, Good things will happen. We will find more collaborators as we grow. We will find our tribe of lasting client/partner relationships.

We are building a stable business that will...

  1. a team of passionate renegades from professional creative and business leadership backgrounds with modest but stable income and the opportunity to align their talents with their passion
  2. ...dedicate 30% of available capacity to subsidized or pro bono efforts supporting important causes and individuals who could benefit from an infusion of low-cost or zero-cost support.
  3. our clients and partners into a community of mission-driven outliers who share resources, best practices, and connections.
  4. ...rely on the community of past and present clients to nominate and vote to select the targets of our pro bono work on a quarterly basis. Together we will identify and support the new and future leaders who will carry the movements we care about far into the future.

If you have questions about how we plan to handle pro bono work before this glorious community has congealed, reach out. We have some ideas we're chewing on and are looking both for individuals/organizations in need of pro bono support AND partner organizations whose work with Proliminal could potentially subsidize work for a recipient of their choice. Until we have these concepts and policies well sorted, it is probably best to just talk.


In the future, psychedelic-assisted therapy will be legal. This will be good.


The end game for Proliminal is far more specific than simply offering all the blah-blah-blah agency-style support this website currently promotes.


In the future, Proliminal will be a B-Corp or nonprofit. We will streamline and codify all the hoops that passionate providers of Care have to jump through in order to deliver transformative healing for individuals. We will remove obstacles and manage the headaches of incorporating, receiving donations, setting up operations, creating policies, and managing compliance. We will bring our creative talents to more than just websites and logos and move into EXPERIENCE, helping to craft environments and user journeys for retreat centers and therapeutic environments. Music, texture, color, fragrance, food, light, vista, everything, We will carry the minutiae, manage the logistics, navigate the bureaucracy, and release the Magic. We want the trained, passionate healers to be free to focus on what they do best.


In the meantime, we will support the individuals who will drive the future.


In the meantime, we will fight the nonsense that prevents us from getting there.


THIS is our deepest passion. When there is Good that is available but inaccessible, it should be released. Period. is built with humility and passion and fueled by the fires of frustration, joy, hope, anger, love, wonder, gratitude and mischief.


Does any of this resonate with you? If so, you might just be our next friend, client, partner, critic, cheerleader, or coworker.